Issues that affect young people can be very region-specific so the Inclusive Economy Partnership is working at a local level to support young people into work placements as part of their pathway to meaningful work.


1. Regional work placements

Alongside Movement to Work, Accenture, Sage, and Unilever, as well as countless other local partners, we are delivering work placements in the West Midlands, North East and the North West. These efforts focus on building local partnerships between trusted youth organisations and employers with job opportunities, in the wards that have the highest rates of young people not in education, employment or training.



2. Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's)

SMEs represent half of the jobs available in the UK, but traditionally they have found it difficult to offer work placements to young people  because of the administrative burden that this places upon the organisation. The IEP team is exploring ways for bigger organisations to take this burden off of SMEs to unlock thousands more opportunities for young people.

transition to work
transition to work
3. "Hardest to reach"

There are cohorts of young people who are further from the labour market, i.e. those that have other personal elements - such as caring responsibilities - that make it much more difficult for them to find sustainable work. We are identifying youth organisations that specialise in supporting the hardest to reach in society so as to work with them to support these young people through their placements. 


Scaling innovation

The IEP has supported the following social innovators to scale through partnerships: 

How do I get involved?

Can you provide work experience placements in the West Midlands, North East, or North West or connect  us with other youth organisations? We’d love to hear from you.