The cost of poor mental health to the economy as a whole is estimated at between £74 billion and £99 billion per year.

The Inclusive Economy Partnership is advancing the role of business in positively impacting the mental health of society, starting with that of their employees.

mental health
1. Driving corporate commitment and best practice by amplifying the Mental Health at Work website

In partnership with the Thriving at Work Leadership Council, the IEP is working to amplify the Mental Health at Work website, which brings together resources, toolkits, blogs and case studies. 

Our ambition is  for the website to be the go-to source of information and resources for employers. The website was initially developed by Mind with funding from the Royal Foundation, with a particular view to supporting SMEs.



2. Developing HR best practices for supporting employee wellbeing and managing employee performance

The IEP has convened 12 pathfinder employers to work with CIPD, ACAS, Mind and legal experts to develop HR best practice for supporting employee wellbeing and managing employee performance as interconnected business imperatives. 

The working group is developing practical solutions that empower employers and employees to ensure that performance is always managed in a way that is consistent with a commitment to mental health. This is expected to be published in mid 2020.

mental health
mental health
3. Convening businesses to compile evidence on the role of incentives and other levers to drive corporate action

The financial cost of mental ill health in the workplace has been well articulated at a macro level, so for many large employers there is already a well established business case to act. However this may not be true for all employers, all sectors or all geographies. 

The IEP is exploring how smaller organisations with more limited financial and personnel resources can translate mental health priorities into actionable programmes and resources for their key stakeholders. Our ambition is to feed relevant evidence on effective levers to drive corporate action, especially by SMEs, into government policy development.

Scaling innovation

The IEP has supported the following social innovators to scale through partnerships:

How do I get involved?

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