This year, the IEP launched a new scale-up programme: BOOST. By unleashing the power of partnerships, BOOST provided organisations with proven solutions to one of our three social challenges with the ‘boost’ they need to positively impact the lives of even more citizens across the UK. 

BOOST was delivered by a unique partnership between the government, civil society and business; the Cabinet Office and DCMS are working with the Young Foundation and EY

You can find out more about our innovators below...

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Mental Health

MyCognition: Assessing and monitoring cognitive fitness to prevent and treat mental health problems in older employees

Thrive: Empowers employees to access the right level of mental health support through an app that integrates into any organisation 

The Money and Mental Health Policy InstituteDeveloping the mental health standards to help essential services firms to better understand their customers’ mental health problems

The Hummingbird Project NI: Building up emotional health and resilience through innovative skills workshops and one-to-one mentoring services delivered by people with lived experience

Transition to Work for Young People

Exceptional Individuals: Providing employment services for neurodivergent people and companies looking to be more neurodiverse 

Toolshed (New Meaning Foundation): Supporting young people who left school with minimal to no qualifications through training and work experience in construction

MyKindaFuture: Connecting disadvantaged young people with employers through an app (Connectr) that provides digital mentoring and content to potential hires.

Career Alchemy: Online courses with holistic approach to career development for teenagers and graduates

Learning Labs (Flash Academy): Improving the proficiency of speakers of English as a second language through a digital learning platform

East Learning: Data-driven approach to identifying students’ career interests and offering support packages within schools

Fat Macy's: Training academy and micro-hostel to support young homeless people into permanent housing and employment

Financial Inclusion & Capability

TrezeoMembership service providing protections and benefits for self-employed workers

We are Digital: Delivering financial and digital skills training sessions to marginalised people through housing associations, companies and charities

Money A+E: Providing money advice & educational services to young people, diverse ethnic groups & disadvantaged communities

Settle: Providing intensive one-to-one support to young people at risk of homelessness, ensuring they have the skills they need to manage their money, tenancy and wellbeing as they transition to independence

IncomeMax: Maximising income through a service that guides access to unclaimed benefits and helps with reducing debt and household bills

incuto: Increasing access to affordable credit through an online platform that ensures credit unions are a viable alternative to payday lenders

Your Own Place: Supporting people moving to independence and their own tenancies with innovative and engaging Tenancy & Independent Living Skills Plus (TILS+) training and restorative mentoring programmes