The Inclusive Economy Partnership launches its third scale-up programme: BOOST 2021

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Applications for BOOST 2021 are now closed

The Inclusive Economy Partnership is seeking applications from the UK’s leading scaling organisations who are ready to join their new scale-up programme: BOOST 2021.

We are looking for organisations who can improve the livelihoods of people across the UK through improved mental health, increased financial resilience, the support and skills to access quality work, and through digital inclusion.

Since 2018, the IEP has run two scale-up programmes, supporting organisations with proven on-the-ground solutions to grow and positively impact the lives of even more people.

These programmes have already had amazing results and the IEP has:

  • Engaged over 250 organisations;
  • Formed over 200 partnerships;
  • Directly leveraged over £6 million in funding, grant and investment support; and
  • Ensured access to fairer services for at least 120,000 people across the UK.

We are now delighted to launch our third scale-up accelerator programme: BOOST 2021. By unleashing the power of partnerships, this programme will provide organisations working on solutions to mental health, financial inclusion, transitions to work and digital inclusion with the ‘boost’ they need to positively impact the lives of even more people across the UK.

This six monthly bespoke scale-up programme is free and does not require you to give up equity.

BOOST will kick off in March 2021 and will be delivered by a unique partnership between the Cabinet Office, DCMS and the Young Foundation. 

The Inclusive Economy Partnership was created in 2018, recognising the need for a new approach to tackle the UK’s most pressing social and economic challenges.

That new approach is a partnership model: getting business, civil society and government to work together on solutions to age-old problems. We believe partnerships like these are the most effective catalyst to improve life chances, unleash potential and ultimately build a more inclusive society. 

When you’re ready to apply, complete the application form and refer to the FAQs below.

During the application process you will be unable to save and return to the application as you go, so we recommend referring to the full Application form below to plan your answers in advance.

Application Form (for reference)
Application Guidance & FAQs