Improving health and safety for migrant construction workers

Learning Labs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, communities have celebrated migrant key workers for their contribution to our society and economy. Yet, these workers are often most at risk in the workplace. Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Corporate Accountability reported that migrant workers are twice as likely to die at work than those from the UK.  The construction sector had the worst record on safety. One factor is likely to be limited English language communication skills.

Learning Labs developed the FlashAcademy® WORKPLACE app to help employers keep migrant workers safe at work. The app provides users with health and safety vocabulary, and workplace topic vocabulary. 

LANDER AUTOMOTIVE used the app to support onboarding their employees. “We have currently 19 different nationalities and languages. This creates a challenge as far as making sure they understand our process, procedures and health and safety...The platform enables employees to feel more confident in communicating to their colleagues.” 

FlashAcademy® WORKPLACE was partly funded by Ufi, and supported by several employee-centred organisations such as Jaguar Land Rover and MAKE UK. The new platform shows the power of partnerships to support key skills gaps in the UK. 

FlashAcademy’s top tips for improving health and safety for migrant workers in the workplace are: 

  • Ensure resources are accessible. Many people do not have  devices at home, such as laptops or tablets. This is a barrier to online learning. FlashAcademy can be accessed on a smartphone, meaning that employees can log on to the platform anywhere. 
  • Regardless of age, learning needs to be engaging. FlashAcademy supports vocabulary learning using photographic images and allows users to learn from 20 different home languages, including Romanian, Polish, Latvian, Cantonese and Dutch. Users appreciate learning in their home language, and also enjoy engaging in the gamified learning activities.
  • Invest in the wellbeing and development opportunities for your employees and agency workers. Boosting English language communication skills makes employers safer,  more confident, and improves productivity. 

For more information about FlashAcademy® WORKPLACE, visit their website here.