How MyKindaFuture is tackling disengagement and isolation in the workplace


MyKindaFuture is an award-winning HR tech company that works with employers to attract, place and retain overlooked and diverse talent, including young people and those returning to the workplace.

Research shows that 80% of employees who feel like they don’t belong will leave an organisation within a year. That’s why MyKindaFuture works with behavioural scientists to develop their technology, to support employers with hiring, employee engagement, productivity, and retention issues. 

Over the past few months, many employers have had to solve new employee engagement challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and MyKindaFuture has observed the following key trends::

  1. Employees on furlough are dis-engaging and losing their sense of belonging; 
  2. Returning from furlough isn’t easy. People can’t adapt overnight to the changes within the company that have taken place since they have left; and 
  3. Employers are accelerating their use of technology to increase productivity and futureproof their business. However, automating existing jobs raises the challenge of retraining employees fast enough to adapt to these changes.

In response to these trends, MyKindaFuture has pivoted its digital platform Connectr, to tackle these issues head-on. 

The platform has enabled employers to engage with furloughed employees, to generate the ‘back to work productivity’ that will be crucial to the bounceback for business. Connectr allows employers to keep furloughed staff informed, and gain insight into what they need and are worried about. In addition, it allows employers to support furloughed staff’s wellbeing, enabling them to collaborate, share and develop their skills. 

In the week following lockdown (from March 23rd), MyKindaFuture saw a 127% increase in users on the platform, from both employees working remotely and furloughed employees. Connectr has also supported employees to adapt to new uses of technology; for example, the Government’s National Retraining Scheme has used Connectr during the COVID-19 pandemic to help retrain roles at risk of automation.

Will Akerman, Founder and CEO of MKF said: “During these unusual times, when most businesses’ face-to-face engagement has been placed on hold, digital platforms that allow employers to communicate with staff remotely offer a fantastic solution for ensuring each employee maintains a sense of belonging during their time away from the workplace.” 

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