Our partnership model

Our partnership model brings together the distinctive skills, insights and networks of the economy’s three
major sectors: business, civil society and government. These partnerships are a catalyst for change and  allow every IEP member to achieve more by working together than they could alone. 

This model is currently being applied across three challenge areas: getting more young people into work, to improving mental health support at work, and spreading financial inclusion to the millions unbanked or in bad debt situations. 

IEP Stakeholder Infographic
Our ambition

We want to create a step-change in the lives of those in the UK who need help the most. To do that, we need to scale up the Inclusive Economy Partnership.

We intend to go further and deeper into our three challenge areas as there is still so much more we can do together to affect change in each of the themes.

We want to inspire more businesses and civil society leaders to step up and take action in three key ways.

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We are shining a spotlight on innovative approaches we can all learn from. Visit our Inclusive Growth page to see what others are doing.


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We are increasing the impact and reach of proven, on-the-ground solutions, for instance by fostering partnerships with social innovators.

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We are pioneering new initiatives that can establish innovative solutions to age-old problems. 

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